Vicki Otmani

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Vicki has lived in the Philadelphia area for 12 years, and considers Media, PA her hometown. From her first gymnastics class at age 3, Vicki has spent her life in sports. Growing up with a dream to be in the Olympics, she found her true calling in rowing at Oklahoma State University where it was love at first stroke. After retiring from international competitive rowing in 2009 she filled her passion for challenge with enduro cycling, marathons, triathlons, and most recently, Ocean Rowing. Realizing she wanted to share her passion for fitness at an early age, Vicki received her first Personal Training certificate at age 18 and has been coaching other athletes and leading wellness departments for 17 years. Certified in numerous disciplines, Vicki loves to help people find what they love doing most, then teaches them to excel at it. After a 2 month trek of rowing across the Pacific Ocean last summer, she and Chris decided it was time for their next adventure: sharing their passion for health with the community! A lifelong athlete, lover of all sports, endurance junkie, rowing obsessed, world-record holder, Vicki is certainly someone you want on your side.


Chris Otmani

A local boy from just across the bridge in Voorhees, NJ, Chris has been an athlete all his life. But don’t let his sweet disposition and kind nature fool you, he’s a beast! A multifaceted renaissance man, accomplished competitive swimmer, nationally-ranked Xterra triathlete, outdoor enthusiast, and expedition support specialist are just a few of his many talents. After earning his Molecular Biology degree at Drexel University on a full-ride swimming scholarship, Chris decided he didn’t want to stare down a microscope for the rest of his life. Having a real passion for nature and the love to share it with others, Chris has made a career as a human-powered expedition guide in the Caribbean, a USCG certified boat captain, scuba dive master, emergency first responder, and wildlife photographer, just to name a few. His passion for health and fitness, combined with a natural talent for leadership as well as a desire to help others makes him a formidable ally.


Jeanette Herrington


Jeanette Herrington is originally from Minnesota, but has lived all over the Midwest and East Coast, finally settling in Springfield nine years ago. She has always loved sports and being active, but it wasn't until a year after giving birth to her second child that she found her love of functional fitness. 

As a two time survivor of cancer and invasive surgeries, Jeanette understands what it takes to conquer physical set-backs and limitations and has a passion to help people do the same. She is a certified Livestrong instructor, working specifically with people who are currently going through cancer treatments, or recently completed them. Also a certified personal trainer, Jeanette loves to push her clients to their full potential to find the warrior that is inside each of us. As a lover of hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing, and anything outdoors, Jeanette enjoys using the fitness she gains in the gym, to excel in her leisure activities. 

You will find Jeanette regularly at Evolution in the mornings, with a laugh and a warm smile, pushing herself and others to quit whining and be stronger, better versions of themselves.