Are trial memberships available?

Of Course! We believe it's important for everyone to be happy with where they are, and how will you know unless you can try us out first? Your first workout with us is always free, but we offer lots of other options to fit every need! Day passes are only $20, or you can get 10 Day passes for only $180, and use them over the course of 1 year. Additionally, if you are visiting from out of town, or simply want to see how we'll fit into your life, a 1 week unlimited membership is only $50!

What kind of classes do you offer?

Awesome ones! Haha, while we believe this is true, we also know that everyone's definition of "awesome" might not be the same. However, we do offer something for everyone! From Strength Training, Intense Cardio, and Soothing Yoga to special events like Friday night Movie nights, Nutrition Workshops, and group Trail Runs, we know you'll find your favorite! Check out our "Offerings" page for more info.

are you a crossfit gym?

Not at all. While we think Crossfit is an amazing style of training, we know it might not be for everyone. We do focus on workouts that improve quality of life, as well as the strong sense of community people have come to love about Crossfit.  Here at Evolution, our coaches will push you through challenges and help you achieve things you never thought possible. However, we know that there is so much more out there to try, enjoy, and experience outside of a normal "box". 

do you offer a discounted membership?

We sure do! We feel that if you make our world a better place every day, then you deserve a thank you! So for all of our teachers, students, military, police, fire, EMS, and senior citizens out there, we are happy to offer 25% off with a valid ID (plus some extra high-fives).

how do i make sure i can get a spot in a class?

Our goal is to make sure that every time you walk through our doors you receive the care and attention you need. Our coaches want to ensure that within every workout you are getting one-on-one direction, ensuring safety and that your individual goals are being met. So even in a group workout you still feel like you just got a personal training session. 

For these reasons we limit our class sizes to 15 athletes (yes, YOU are an athlete!). But it seriously couldn't be easier to make sure you get a spot to all the classes you want. Simply download the Mindbody app from the iTunes or GooglePlay store, search for Evolution, and check-in for any class straight from your smartphone or computer! No smartphone? No problem. Give us a call or simply stop by and check-in at the front desk!

what is your policy on cancelling?

We've all been there. Dressed, gym bag in hand, checked-in for class on your phone, ready to walk out the door and suddenly the stove catches on fire, the car has a flat, you remember you have a conference call in 10 minutes, and little Johnny throws up all over the clean laundry. Schedule changes are a part of life, and we don't penalize you for having a rough day. Simply hop on to your Mindbody app and take yourself off the class roster and presto! No problems. 

If you realize you won't be able to make it in for a private training, Pilates, or massage treatment, we do appreciate 24 hour notice.

can I workout if I am injured?

Unfortunately injuries are a part of life (and sometimes training) but the occasional bump, bruise, sprain, etc. shouldn't keep you from doing what you love. There's always something that can get you moving, no matter what the issue. We tailor every single workout to fit YOUR needs. Sprained ankle but the workout calls for box jumps? No worries, we'll stick to upper body. Rotator cuff tweaked? All good, you don't need your shoulder to squat :) We can work you through anything life throws your way, but only once your doctor says it's OK.

I have a busy schedule, how long are your classes?

Starting at 530am and going until 730pm, we have classes all day ranging from a quick 30 minute sweat session to our 2 hour endurance-fest, we have something that will fit into your life. If you can't seem to make it to a class (we don't mind if you need to sneak out early!) our Open Gym time is always there for you to come in, get some ideas, and get your body moving. Also, we are always open to adding more classes, so if there's a time that would be perfect for you, let us know! You just might see it pop up on the schedule :) 

do I have to be in shape to take a class?

We promise that whatever "shape" you think you're in, you are ready to jump in to any class. Being in-shape is a relative term, and remember, we were all beginners at some point. Every single one of us has strengths and weaknesses. We promise you will never feel intimidated, uncomfortable, or left behind, because our coaches and members help you through every step of the way, modify movements and workouts when needed, plus the last one to finish always gets the loudest cheers and the most high-fives!

do you sell gift cards?

Absolutely!!! Stop by, give us a call, and let us know the amount. We'll hook you up with the best gift money can buy - the gift of health and happiness!

how do i sign up for a membership?

Come on in, give us a try for free, and we'll get you squared away so you can start your journey to the best version of you! Ready to sign up now? Simply give us a call, or open your Mindbody app or website, choose the plan that works best for you, and head in to class!