Someone who can't help but inspire others with their awesomeness. They carry a spark that sets them apart. Their dedication, work ethic, and sense of community is so contagious that it spreads like wildfire.  


Vincent Screnci

“I was introduced to indoor rowing by Vicki several years ago and was instantly hooked. While my passion for rowing has not waned I was searching for more of a complete workout of both body and soul. Joining Evolution has and continues to fulfill my journey! I couldn’t imagine in just a year’s time that I have gradually been able to complete workouts that I would have never been able to in the past. This past February I completed a personal goal of completing a solo indoor row marathon without cramping. My next goal is to climb the rope. However the most important part of being a member of Evo is the sense of family and community. Walking into Evo brings a sense of bliss knowing that you are going to share your struggles and accomplishments with a dynamic group of individuals.”


Previous Firestarters:




We knew Trish was special the first time she walked through our doors. Kind, sweet, and unassuming, you would never expect the beast that lies within this woman. She has a fire that shows in her eyes the second the workout starts. We could go into the myriad of reasons as to why we love Trish, the least of which being her transformation with her strength gains and incredible weight loss. But that's not why she's our Firestarter. Nope. It's her courage. The grit she shows on a daily basis to plow through excuses and demolish doubts and fears. She inspires every single person she meets, intimidates the ones she's racing against, and finishes every workout with everything she's got. But don't just take our word for it, here it is straight from the source:

"Fun, hard work, celebrations, teamwork, trying new things, new friends, conversations, models of excellence, experience and digging deep. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking about this awesome place.

A year ago my daughter strongly encouraged me to join and to begin putting my health and well being first. She convinced me to come and visit. I have to admit at first it was a little intimidating. There were so many strong healthy people there and I didn’t feel like I was either of those. I doubted that I could ever do half of what they were doing. I figured I would go for a little while, a few months, maybe. Once I started and over time, I was seeing changes in myself physically and more important mentally, everyday.

I was crossing off all of my excuses every time I met someone new. I wasn't too old. I wasn't too heavy. I wasn't too out of shape. I wasn't too weak. My bones weren't too aged. Everyone that I met broke those excuses into bits and pieces with their own stories, example, encouragement and determination. Every time I went I was surrounded by people who were dedicated, fierce, determined and super supportive.

I love that there's nothing I can't do in my workouts or practice. It may look a little different that the person next to me, but it is okay. I feel very safe because all of the instructors are super knowledgeable and know how to make it work for me. I have been able to lengthen and strengthen in Pilates classes and have become more flexible with Yoga. Rowvolution has provided the opportunity for me to really dig deep into the cardio that I have been missing for so long. Who knew I could flip a giant tire?

A few months into my journey, my husband asked me what is it about this time that has made me stick with it. I have to say it is definitely the people! This is my Evolution!"




If you come to Evolution, then you know Donna. Twice a day, without fail, her smiling face is waiting to greet you with a warm hello as soon as you walk in. When choosing her as our Featured Firestarter, it was a no-brainer. Not a week goes by without someone mentioning how Donna has inspired them. She approaches every challenge with grit, courage, and sense of humor. At first glance, her generosity, humility and kindness are what you notice, but workout with her once and you will see what a warrior looks like. She takes on every workout with everything she's got, and when in between sets she's clapping and motivating everyone around her. But don't be fooled, she hasn't always been the beast with a barbell you see today, it's taken work, but she wasn't about to back down from a challenge.

Donna was a dedicated stay at home mom. She loved every minute of the job of loving mother and watching her children grow up. But, one day she woke up and realized that her children had become young adults, heading off to college, and that she was entering a new phase in her life.  Her daughter and co-workers suggested that they should join a gym. Without too much further discussion, Donna and her daughter found themselves signing the family up for a membership. Shortly after that her love of fitness began! It is now 10 years and 60 pounds later that Donna is still enjoying every minute of her workouts and continues to challenge herself with new movements and styles of working out. She understands the challenges of sticking to a healthy lifestyle and encourages people to set a goal, achieve it, and then set a new one. Donna is dedicated and contagiously enthusiastic about getting healthier and stronger. Throughout the past 10 years of her fitness journey, Donna has had the privilege of meeting the most amazing people. Donna recently told us, "In all my years of working out I have never gotten so much encouragement and support as I have since coming to Evolution!  Our members are the best people I have ever met and hope these friendships continue for many years!" We feel the exact same way Donna! We are all lucky to have you in our lives, and can't wait to see how many awesome new goals we achieve together!

 Look for her at ANY class cheering everyone on to take their fitness to the next level! 


Phil Stoops

phil stoops.jpg

A true lover of fitness, Phil has dedicated his life to helping show others the benefits of movement and play. Once an avid cyclist, runner, and downhill skier, he had to put his own fitness on the backburner due to the demands of owning his own business. Phil works tirelessly to bring joy to millions through his company, SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Parks. He joined Evolution in December to reignite his own fire, and was actually the first member to walk through our doors at 6am on opening day! He hasn't missed a beat since, in spite of rehabbing a lingering shoulder injury after breaking his collarbone last year in a skiing accident. Over the last 2 months Phil has given his all to each and every workout and his results speak for themselves. He has made huge gains in range of motion, strength, endurance, and according to him, his shoulder is almost pain free, allowing him to once again sleep through the night! We love you Phil, and couldn't be more proud to have you on our team! Make sure the next time you see Phil you give him the hardest high five you can!